Green Initiative

Here at Adelphia Steel Equipment Co., Inc. we are very concerned for our friends, families and business associates greener future. We have taken some important initiatives to help our economy and the future.

All of our products are painted using Sherwin Williams water based paint. The US Government recognizes Sherwin-Williams as one of the leaders in environmental coatings. The US Government’s General Services Administration awarded them the “Most Environmentally-Friendly Contractor” award. Sherwin Williams actively pursues more environmentally responsible products, practices and processes. There efforts to improve the environment will become an asset to this company and your family!

In addition to using this paint, Adelphia Steel Equipment Co., Inc. purchases all of our steel from Integrated Steel Mills. They in turn use about 35% recycled steel in their manufacturing of the end product. Our laminated tops are also environmentally friendly. They are made from 99% recycled fibers with no toxins added.

These indicate only some of the ways that Adelphia Steel Equipment Co., Inc. shares in their commitment to a cleaner, brighter, GREENER TOMORROW!

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